Tree Surfing Nippers


Tackle three levels of climbing, jumping and swinging up in the trees designed for even the smallest of family members!

Please read our Adult Supervision requirements before booking. Tree Surfing Nippers tickets include access to General Admission.

Before You Begin

This course is for 4yo’s – 12yo’s + supervising adults only.

The Nippers Tree Surfing experience starts in the harness room where we kit you out with all your safety equipment. Your instructor will then lead you out to the course where participants are shown how to use the belay device and safely guide themselves through the course by following the steel cabling and safety lifeline.

Please read the block “Adult Supervision” for information about adults participation.

Adult Supervision

We have updated our participation requirements to reduce congestion on the course for the more confident climbers.

If you have a 4yo or 5yo: You must purchase an adult Nippers Tree Surfing ticket to participate and assist the child at a 1:1 ratio (i.e. if you have 3 x 5yo’s, you must purchase 3 x adult tickets). This applies irrespective of if the 4-5yo’s are participating with a bigger group.

If you are booking for a child 6yo – 12yo: Adults are not permitted to participate on the Nippers course.

If no adults are participating, an adult is required to supervise children on the course from the ground below in the viewing area (Bring your camera!). Supervising adults must have a General Admission ticket.

Adult groups/couples without children are not permitted to book on the Nippers Course.

3 Levels of Fun!

The Nippers climbing challenges are very similar to those of the Grand Course with suspended tunnels and stepping bridges connected to rest platforms. The challenges occur at elevations of up to 5m above the ground and there are three levels to tackle.

The Nippers course incorporates swinging bridges and cargo climbs to test strength, coordination and balance.

There are three Zip-lines in the Nippers course. This is a fun experience and a thrilling element to the Tree Surfing activity.

Need to Know

The Nippers Tree Surfing Course is designed for children.

The highest level on the Nippers course (level 3) is designed for confident children who have completed the lower courses with ease – adults are not permitted on this level. Participation in level 3 is at the discretion of our instructors.