Big Zip

Please note: The Big Zip experience is temporarily closed due to unforeseen maintenance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our adventure experts on (03) 5981 8449. We thank you for your understanding!

Take a leap of faith! The Big Zip will take you flying on 2 Zip Lines and over 300m across our formal gardens and Enchanted Lake!

The Big Zip is a separate activity to Tree Surfing Grand & Nippers. Big Zip tickets include access to General Admission.

Before You Take Off

Guests must arrive 30 minutes prior to their Big Zip session start time. Your Big Zip experience starts at our Big Zip hut where our instructors fit you out with your harness. After a safety brief – thread your belay device onto the zip line and walk over the bridge to the platform; this is where the fun really begins!

2 Awesome Zip Lines

The first zip lines are 170m in length and 20m above the ornamental lake. After landing, it’s an easy climb to the next zip-line launch platform and the 100m zip-line across the lake to return to land. Take the leap alone or challenge a friend to race!

Over the Edge

The Big Zip starts by climbing a suspension bridge to the launch tree platform; an 8m elevation. Our experienced instructors supervise as you take flight across the gardens on the first of 2 adjacent zip-lines.


Once you have landed the second Zip Line, it’s an easy walk back to the Big Zip Hut where you return your gear.