Adventure Combo


The Adventure Combo is the premium, all-inclusive package, encompassing every adrenaline rushing opportunity at the Enchanted Adventure Garden. The deal combines the Grand Tree Surfing and Big Zip attractions, so thrill seekers can complete both activities in the same visit.

As the Big Zip takes you flying over 300m across our formal gardens and Enchanted Lake, the two-hour Grand Tree Surfing Course encompasses over 50 aerial obstacles, bridges, and zip-lines linked to tree-based platforms up to 10m off the ground.

Tree Surfing Grand

Your Tree Surfing journey starts in the harness room where we kit you out with all your safety equipment. Your instructor will then lead you out to the practice course where you’ll learn how to use your gear and test your skills before starting the full course.

Big Zip

Suspended rope bridges are connected to the elevated platforms of the lower levels. At varying heights you’ll be able to test your balance and your confidence at elevations of 3-5 m above the ground.