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I’d like to try Tree Surfing, is there a separate fee?

Yes – Tree Surfing is a two hour adventure activity with separate ticketing office and specific terms and conditions with height limitations as well as parental release waivers. You should view the Tree Surfing for information and bookings:

Can I upgrade my ticket when I arrive to participate in Tree Surfing?

Theoretically Yes, but only if there is an available booking time and only if you are able to present signed release waivers of those you are supervising. Peak holiday periods are anticipated to have limited availability. Children must have their release waiver signed by their own parent or legal guardian. Release waivers can be downloaded from the Tree Surfing website click here.

Is there an age limit for the Tube Slides and 3D Maze?

The slide are safe for children of all ages but we recommend that children 4 years and younger be accompanied by an adult in a “Double” Tube. As long as your child can reach the handles either side of the tube and hang on while sitting within the tube, then he/she will be safely able to ride the Tube Slide independently.

The 3D Maze has some painted images of skulls and other scary creatures. It is also very dark inside with an optical illusion -3D experience throughout that can be challenging for young children. Children between the ages of 2-6 years seemed to have the most difficulty with the 3D Maze. If you have any concerns about your child’s reaction, you are advised not to enter.

Do I have to pay more to have a go on the Tube Slides?

No, it’s all covered in the cost of your entry ticket.

How much time should I allow to see The Enchanted Adventure Gardens?

We usually recommend between 3-5 hours to experience everything the park has to offer. Depending on your family, you could spend up to a whole day enjoying the facility. If you’re planning on going Tree Surfing you could add another 2 hours to your visit.

Do you have a café?

Yes we supply a healthy eating menu over summer with sushi rolls, fruit salad, a selection of fresh rolls and yoghurt hot chips, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, snacks and of course; coffee. During the winter months the menu is a little more restricted, offering mainly hot food, snacks and coffee.

Do you have accessible facilities?

Yes – we provide accessible car parks and accessible toilets at both the main entrance and the 3D entrance. Out paths are all ramped but due to the topography of the property (we are situated on the side of a hill) the grade of the paths are a little steep in some places. With assistance, wheelchair users can experience the whole property. Without assistance, wheelchair users can still visit the Hedge Maze and Amazing Lolly Shop that is all on one level. Please be advised that during the summer months the park is very congested which can impact on indoor circulation space and general manageability.