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Spring into Spring!

Spring Makeover

The Tube Slide Area has received a makeover this spring with fresh new grassy area, sun-shades, shelter marquees, and a 50 m fairy-tale mural along the hill top border.


The 2012 Scarecrow Festival

The Enchanted Maze Garden is part of a great local community arts festival that occurs each year in Spring.

Enjoy our Scarecrow Special of Coffee and fudge for just $5 at The Amazing Lolly Shop.

Start you day at The Enchanted Maze Garden, grab a Festival Map and follow the Scarecrow Trail for a fab & fun day out: 22nd Sep-26th Oct.
Left: Check out our Scarecrow Entry: A rad new way to scare the crows!

The Bed Spring Maze!

Check out our newest maze: The Bed Spring Maze! Come and see the final stages of the Spring Maze construction during these school holidays. This recycled rust-colored creation is both beautiful to look at and a tricky 3D puzzle. Opening soon!