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Tube Slides

They’re fast, furious and plenty of fun

Tube Sliding is a fab new craze in thrill seeking adventure activities: a snow-free ski run and a ride for all ages. Just grab a coloured Tube, climb to the top, sit on board and away you go! There’s no need for extra equipment or expensive lift tickets: it’s just good old-fashioned fun.  Listen to the laughter and watch the delighted faces, as Tubers get the thrill of a life time on our giant slides.

New these holidays:  A fifth giant Tube Slide has been added to the park. With five slides to choose from we’re Australia’s largest Tube Slide attraction.


  • Tube Slide Rides are not restricted (ride as many times as you like) and included in your entry to The Enchanted Adventure Garden;
  • Five slides to choose from: 3 Big Twisters and 2 Straight Giants;
  • The Tube Slides are over 100m in length;
  • Kids as young as four years old can ride but under 5′s are asked to ride alongside parents in a Double Tube.

Friends and families can relax and soak up the hinterland views at one of our sheltered picnic tables while watching the fun on the slopes.  (Top Travel Tip: don’t forget your camera, the Tube Slides make awesome scenic photos!)

See the Tube Slides in action