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Amazing Lollies

Step into a magical world filled with mouth watering treats. Our retail Lolly Shop is a great place to tempt your taste-buds. Watch the miniature train chuffing around the ceiling, laden with sweets, the tracks lined with swirling lolly pops. You can find jars of your all your favourite things; acid drops, humbugs, fruit swirls, and more. You can also pick up a great present, and lolly showbags from our shop. Here’s some of the delectable sweets we have to offer:
Amazing Boiled Lolly Jars

Sweets for the sweet! With over 20 flavours, we have a great selection of lollies and candy on offer. From humbugs and fruit fizzes to raspberry drops and watermelon rock. Jars are filled to the brim with your choice of wondrous magical flavours. Our sweets are specially made for us and the beautiful packaging makes them the perfect souvenir or take home gift.


Rainbow Swirl Lollypops

Swirl pops are a sweet favorite for a birthday and are easily our most popular lolly treat. That’s because they have a hypnotic swirl of colour and flavour and they are fun to lick and kind of sparkle on your lips! Oh… and of course fairies love them!

Mixed Lolly Bags

Sometimes you just can’t go past the old mixed lolly bag. This is the one that can be tucked away in the secret top cupboard and pulled out when the kids are in bed and you’re enjoying your favorite movie on the couch. Also these little gems make excellent and affordable party bag fillers for your next at-home or away from home party.

To enquire about our Mixed Lolly Bags and Swirl Lolly Pops click here.