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If garden mazes are your thing, then we’ve got three enchanting Hedge Bordered Mazes to choose from. Our most traditional Hedge Maze has a Japanese Garden in the centre. We also have a brick path Labyrinth with a giant topiary Loch Ness Monster and the beautiful Children’s Maze with fairies, themed sculpture, puzzels, bunny hutch and cubby house.

Hedge Maze

Wander through manicured Leighton Green Hedge Maze and discover the tranquility of the Japanese Garden located in the centre. Enliven the senses with the scent of freshly cut cypress. For those who like a challenge see how many Buddhas you can find within the 500 metre pathways of this traditional style maze.

Turf Maze

Move on down to the Labyrinth and be amazed by the intricate nature of The Turf Maze. Not your typical type of maze our Labyrinth is set out on the ground with the luscious hedges surrounding you to seem like you have entered a secret world. The kids will thoroughly enjoy the chance to follow the brick trail as it encircles The Lock Ness Monster feature.

Childrens Maze

Move a little further down the hill and you will find The Childrens Maze. This maze is specially designed for kids to stop and play. The Children Maze is a series of themed gardens that will capture the imagination of everyone. The featured gardens include The African Savannah, The Beach Box, The Fairy Realm, The Panda Garden and thanks to Monty of Nirvana Landscapes we have a new giant interactive snakes and ladders game. Spin the dial and try your luck at being the first to finish… Heaps of fun for everyone!!

This maze is sure to delight and fascinate all children and adults alike.

Brain Teaser Puzzles

These 4 physical puzzles are great for families and groups alike. Designed to get you moving and tie you in both mental knots, they will challenge even the most mathematically-minded.

The Tractor Tyre Maze is by far the hardest puzzle to solve, it looks simple but the challenge is to follow a red-blue-green colour stepping sequence to arrive at the centre tractor tyre. This puzzle can be tackled as a small group or family challenge.

Upstairs-Downstairs is another quirky sequence-based floor puzzle as an individual challenge.

The Rocky Road Left Hand Turn Maze presents another tricky head scratching tour and the Rope Maze is our fun version of ‘Twister’. To maximise entanglements, it’s best approached in groups of 4 (It’s not just for the Kids!).