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Our Green Credentials

At the Enchanted Adventure Garden we are Inspired by the Natural beauty of our hinterland location and we encourage you to ‘tread lightly’ when visiting the Mornington Peninsula region.

*** NEWS FLASH : The Enchanted Adventure Garden is now Eco Accredited! Click here to find out more.****MORE GREAT NEWS: This Summer we’ve focussed on reducing our businesses impact on climate change by installing SOLAR energy panels on the roof of both our Cafe and 3D Indoor Maze. Ecotourism Certified

 Measures were taking to reduce our Eco Footprint:

1. We offset 100% green energy and have installed solar panels on the roof of our cafe buildings;2. We used Sustainability Victoria’s Business Process Life Cycle Matrix to identify and mitigate environmental impact for Tree Surfing & 1000 trees planted to off-set energy impact;3. Trees suspension devices & fasteners were engineered to prevent ring barking;4. We commissioned environmental trees audit before undertaking development. We committed to preserving 95% of trees;

5. We installed energy saving light globes and down lights fitted throughout entire premises;

6. We use a 6000 litre rain-harvesting tank is used for all gardening, and recycle water in a 100% closed circuit system;

7. We reduced paper waste by using 100% recycled copy paper and use a paper-free e- Newsletter for staff communication;

8. We removed our wood heater and upgraded air conditioning and heating systems for reduced energy consumption and Green house gas (GHG) emissions;

9. We reduce land-fill waste by recycling 156 cubic meters of cardboard and plastic;

10. We compost 247 cubic litres of kitchen waste each year;

11. We saved 12,000 water bottles from landfill with our water fountain and refillable water bottle sales in 2013;

12. We changed our practise of burning off and purchased a tree mulcher to recycle organic timber waste;

13. We fitted new toilets with AAA water ratings;

14. Use biomimicry model to find a solution and prevent Azolla blooms in the dam and water recycling system ;

15. We have embarked on the Eco Certification with Eco Accreditation Australia;

17. We adhere to a weeding program to eradicate invasive bone seed at Arthurs Seat;

18. We have improved drainage and prevented erosion by reclaiming Splitters Creek and

19. We promote the clever use of recycled materials with our new Bed Spring Maze.

IMG_5758Tree Surfing Bird feeders.Splitters creek.